Baja Enduro 23 comin in hot!

Please help spread the word about the best Moto event in the Tecate area and the ONLY event that our crew is involved with that is open to the public. 

The entry will include camping, pit stop snacks, dinner, and after party Saturday evening! 

This is a “Luxury trail ride” with a course marked by race arrows. Ride at your own pace with your buddies! 

The course is approximately 35 miles long and will contain challenging obstacles (there will be alternate lines around the tough sections).

This is an EXCELLENT TECATE ENDURO practice loop/ warmup. 

If you are coming from far away and would like a trail guide for additional days of riding please send me a message. 

This event is hosted by one of the very few trail crews in tecate that does trail maintenance. Attending this event is how we show appreciation for all the new trails and bush trimming Baja Enduro club completes in Tecate! 

Camping on site included. 

There are very nice AIR BNB nearby as well as two very nice hotels within riding distance. 

Also only around 5 miles from Tecate border so if you are short on time you can ride the Moto from the US tithe start. Complete the ride and smash tacos and cut the border line in time to be in the US before dark. No excuses! 

Recommend riding with a buddy. Please contact us if you have no one to ride with and we will sort you out. It will be a challenging day of riding and there is no sweep crew. You are responsible for yourself. 


Recommend a fresh gummy on rear. You will want the extra traction. 

Bibs are almost a requirement. I will not assist on trail side tire repairs. If you get a flat I will smash beers and make fun of you while you are stranded 

Give me your excuse as to why you can’t show up and I’ll help you sort it out.