What is This?

Many of us are disappointed in the content produced today. So, in a way, the existence of this source is to set the bar much lower. Maybe if the bar hits rock bottom and some poor sucker stumbles across this page they can leave here with a new found respect for modern action sports media companies and their bland and horrifically calculated content. Maybe the dick jokes, fart noises, and general teenage attitudes portrayed here will allow the boring “I’d like to thank” videos which bludgeon our souls to death everyday to be a little more tolerable. Hopefully this location can become a place where contributors can let their hair down and produce something goofy, fun and/or downright controversial. If the purpose of the place comes to fruition, many people will click away from here having wasted their time whilst smiling a bit that something so ridiculous is even available. If you have come here for anything other than bad judgment, uncomfortable humor, and maybe a tiny bit of entertainment, you are lost.

– El Calambre