Wild On The Beach

The sun bakes the sand into my skin as I contemplate my surroundings. Warm air sprinkles us with salt water and the gentle glow of a half dozen silver bullets caress the otherwise battered and torn soul I carry along in my meat cage. All is calm for a moment.

“I drank way too much beer at that pit stop”

With the push of a button and twist of the wrist we are at it again. Block passes, loose power slides, and cliff jumps are the way. The first crew in and the last to leave… Love us or hate us; we are here to rip sketchy wheelies, blow out berms, and drink your beer. Burnouts Forever. 

I almost felt bad sandblasting the boys stuck on the hill, almost.

Special apologies to the guy I ran over, we was getting wild, shit started skating on the rocks and WHAMMY! We went down. Ill leave the door open and set you up proper for a retaliation block pass whenever you are ready.  

@gregmash compiled this edit and did an awesome job even after I launched that Agave trunk at him and took him out (2:25).

Thanks to Oscar and the entire crew at Mama Espinosas Benefit Ride 2021, we had a hell of a good time.