The Wave

There comes a time in every boys life when he has to stand up, pick the man pants off the floor and rage into battle head held high. In these rare moments of clarity many things can happen that will forever alter the life of the individual.

On a January evening in 2009, while marveling at the splendor of Anaheim Supercross, one of these situations arose like the Loch Ness monster from the depths of the sea.

There I was, smashing down “Werewolf Killers” one shotgun at a time when I had an epiphany. As I leaned forward in my stadium seat the spent silver bullets clambered around at the floor below my feet. The cans rang like heavenly bells initiating my speech as if I were tapping a wine glass, only far more classy. Moaning, I coughed out a beer powered belch, stretched out a butt cramp as I stood, and cleared the airway to deliver my speech.

“I am Going to Start a Wave!”

The proclamation poured like a fine wine infecting my team with laughter as they dismissed my retardation. This dismissal only served as fuel for the quest as I tripped, poked, and pulled my way through the crowd in a desperate stumble to reach the walkway below.

My faithful friends now laughing and pointing at me in disbelief as I stare into the eyes of thousands of water molecules waiting patiently to be put into motion.

I raised my hands high into the air, channelling my inner William Wallace as I bellowed at the top of my alcohol permeated lungs.


My arms waving right to left in a desperate attempt to lead the charge as I ran up and down the aisle.

The still of the night was taking the wind out of my sails after the first few failed attempts. My desperation increased as I jumped and hollered obscenities in between the one tangible word… Wave.

Then it began.

The littlest of children took notice of my mad flailing and they were aghast with courage as they jumped to their feet one at a time. The minions led the way, each drawing the strength of their parents as the surge grew stronger and stronger. With each additional standing person my torment of failure faded.

The numbers grew like the tax column on a paycheck stub. Exponentially gaining volume; The crowd now cheering and smiling away. Working together as a team we broke in to the next section of seats. Then three sections…

And there it was…

I stood still now, awestruck from the gallant battle fought as the crowd roared around the stadium.

“Dear god we have DONE IT!!!” I screamed as the tidal wave of joyous radness returned from the other side of the stadium.

High fives, hoots and hollers, blasted from every direction.

It raged on… Blowing past our position and continuing around the colosseum with magical power. Three full rotations it made. Infecting tens of thousands of people with happiness and cheer.

Im fairly sure I saw Miss Supercross herself point up to the crowd and wink in approval. Although, I could have hallucinated that part as the tears of joy dribbled down my face.